hey guys this is my wiki to let u know a little bit about me and who i know in real life plz comment wat u think. and blue smart girly1010 and prettygirl cutestuff and mo are my sisters not really but i call them that beacuse we are like sisters sticking together.let me tell u guys about a little bit about blue smart for short ok blue is a strong,funny,cool.awsome friend to hang with.she loves the color blue and so do i.i like baby smart girly1010 sticks up for me when im in trouble or getting bullied but u dont want to mess with her cuz she gets really angry.i dont want her to get angry at anyone.and now its time to talk about is a funny confident,awsome girl to sit and watch a movie with not that i ever did i got a feeling she is meareno but we call her mo for short as she perfurse to be is a funny person she gots a good sence of humor.just like me im always in a mood for one of mareono,s lets talk about prettygirl cutestuff.pretty stuff is wat i call her for short.pretty stuff. a girl who dosent take no for a answer when it comes to her friends.pretty stuff is a funny sweet girl.sheloves having sleep overs with me and blue smart girly1010.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  love>3 sofea

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